Does Trumps Lies Expose the Truth?

Trump Trolls Pelosi about Russian Meeting Lie

A great post from Facebook by #NopeNetwork friend Richard Iritano.

Richard cites 2 articles and a post excerpt associated with the articles. The content discusses if Trump’s lies actually expose the truth about the US Government. How it operates and misinforms We The People.

One article is by Caitlin Johnstone and the other from the USA Today Network.

The post excerpt is as follows:

So says Donna Clifford-Jones:

“Trump has been continuing and expanding all of the depravities of his predecessors, but he’s been doing so openly, making it look exactly as ugly and disgusting as it is. His supporters try to justify this by claiming he’s making brilliant 4-D chess maneuvers against the Deep State, but Trump isn’t playing chess. He isn’t even playing checkers. He’s playing Uno, and he’s playing it with his hand fully exposed on the table, with his only defense being to point at a red card and say “This one’s green” and point at an eight and say “That’s a two. It’s the best two, absolutely terrific two.”

Even his dishonesty is honesty, in a way. He lies constantly, brazenly and apologetically, while his predecessors have lied sneakily, subtly and usually only by distortions, omissions and half-truths. Trump is a walking public service announcement that US presidents are liars. Which is the truth.”

Direct links for the articles:

Caitlin Johnstone Post

USA Today Network Post