4 Days Into Trump’s First Term And It Does Not Look Good

Trumps First 4 Days In 1 Picture

4 Days Into His First Term

I have lost all respect for President Trump now. First of all POTUS restarted DAPL and Keystone XL by Executive Order, that is a choice he made against the will of the people. Donald also appointed wealthy unqualified people and party cronies to cabinet positions. Trump then failed to drain the swamp. Remember the statement “If I am President You will be in Jail”? No investigation announced, no special prosecutor appointed. I guess prosecuting friends for serious state security crimes is not a priority.

He Has Shown His True Colors

We the people are still waiting on those tax returns. Trump is continuing the drone program, wars, and bombings. Donald said he would not repeal the ACA without a replacement and that was bull shit too. Many citizens that depended on him doing the right thing are disappointed, people in Flint or North Dakota. All Donald Trump has done is proven even a political outsider when supported by either Major Political Party can not be trusted.

What About the Dems and Hillary?

I still would not vote for Hillary knowing what I know now. I still feel she was the worse option. Will I support the Dems next election? No again, I have never been a party voter and will not support the party of corruption from our 2016 primaries. They are the reason we have what we have now. I will complain about every thing Trump does that goes against his promises and is detrimental to #WeThePeople.

How I Feel!

Donald is screwing America big time due to all the above issues. I fear it is going to cause more trouble. I said I would support and praise him if he deserved it and I would not if he didn’t. As POTUS Donald did not meet my expectations and I can only imagine it will get worse from here. 4 Days in and he has already shit on the country.